Iroquois White Corn Project

What We Do

Hand-planted. Using our traditional methods, we hand-plant our white corn - the same heirloom seed grown at the original 17th century Seneca town - at Ganondagan State Historic Site. In recognition of our relationship with Mother Earth, we do not use chemicals or pesticides.

 Hand-picked. As did our ancestors, we pick our white corn by hand to protect it and enable us to use traditional drying methods.

 Hand-husked and braided. We carefully husk and braid all our corn and allow it to dry throughout the winter months. 

 Hand-processed. We remove the indigestible outer hull through roasting or boiling methods, followed by dehydration for natural longer shelf life. 

 Sales. We sell directly to individuals, retail stores, groups, chefs and restaurants both online and at our Farmhouse. We also work through select wholesale distributors Regional Access and Heritage Foods USA. Proceeds benefit Friends of Ganondagan, which, through its educational and cultural programming and events, supports the work of Ganondagan State Historic Site.


Good Minds

While we actively become aware of our thoughts, especially those that have a kind and loving intent; we naturally allow ourselves to become spiritually in tune with the Creators wishes. This allows us to use our talents to fulfill our purpose on Earth. 

-Freida J. Jacques, Onondaga

The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) have been practicing the teachings of the Good Mind ever since the Peacemaker helped us bury our arrows under the Tree of Peace. The concept of the Good Mind teaches us to be aware of our thoughts and their intent, resulting in more kind and loving thoughts.

The Haudenosaunee believe peace is a state of mind obtained through a strong connection to spirit. Our Elders teach us that practicing the Good Mind will cause our spirit to grow, known as Orenda. Good Minds have strong Orenda which leads to Peace.