Iroquois White Corn Project

Volunteer Page

Our dedicated volunteers keep our business flour-ishing!

As you can imagine, creating our three corn products is a labor-intensive effort. There are numerous steps involved in bringing these products "from stalk to shelf." With only one full-time employee, the IWCP relies heavily on volunteers for field maintenance, production, cooking, sales, marketing, and outreach. Whatever your interest is, we probably can find a place for you!

Our environment is warm and welcoming. Volunteers immediately become part of something greater than themselves. Through joining our collective "good mind," our volunteers are keeping an ancient culture alive for the betterment of individuals, society, and Mother Earth. 

If this sounds like a fit, please email us at: or call 585-742-1361. We stay in regular contact through a weekly email, so please submit your email or call to be included in our communication.